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Starbucks in Mazatlan

Although not new to Mazatlan, our local Starbucks has become a haven for your Two Dancing Chefs!  Meetings, wind downs, wind ups and chance encounters frequently occur at our favorite coffee house.  A lot of travelers don’t realize Mazatlan has a Starbucks…in fact, it’s been here a little over a year now, maybe a little more (late 2008?), however it is hidden from the main drag and therefore not easy to see.

There is nothing better than entering an establishment that greets you by your first name, with a smile (and sometimes a smart remark!) – it just makes you feel part of something…  actually, I remember being a total coffee snob!  Having grown up in Melbourne, Australia (and I say grown up lightly!), coffee is a part of the culture.  But, I found a huge difference in the coffee culture in Nth America than that of Australia.  When I spent one year in Canada, coffee was simply something you picked up on your way to somewhere.  It needed to be quick, hot and preferably cheap.

In Melbourne, I found drinking coffee was more an experience.  You had to sit and drink your coffee.  You could read a little, whether it be a magazine, a favorite book or the daily paper.  I remember sitting at a coffee house for hours, ordering two or three coffees.  A latte had a milky/creamy head, just like a well poured beer…Espressos were rich in flavor, thick too, and a good barista knew that the pour had to be slow and served immediately.  You would meet friends for coffee, catch up with old acquaintances with coffee and everyone had their favorite place to meet.

I found that traveling through the States, the same ‘had to be quick and on the go’ attitude applied around the country…it really made me miss Melbourne coffee.  But then I re-discovered it at our Mazatlan Starbucks.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a Melbourne latte any day of the week, but as I said, that feeling of wanting to sit and enjoy a coffee has returned.

You can find Starbucks Mazatlan at Paseo Lomas de Mazatlán 102, corner of Cerro de Cubilete (behind HSBC).  Their hours of operations are Monday-Sunday 07:00 to 23:00.  From our Salsa and Salsa show, they are a 4 minute walk down the street!  Be sure to ask us how to get there.

I’ve added two fun pics of the fellas at our Mazatlan Starbucks…they have really become more than just the guys who give us coffee, so a big hello to them all!  If you happen to find your way there (oh, and btw, they all speak fluent English!) be sure to tell them we sent you 😉

Geraldo (left), Leonique and Mauro

Geraldo, Pamela, Edgardo, Mauro

Looking forward to a busy week…6 ships in this week, so will need those extra shots of coffee and a double dose of energy!  Till then,

The coffee fiend,

Pamela Hormazabal

(aka Dancing Chef)