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Making Friends via our Blog

Most of you reading our blog have been to our Tour in Mazatlan (for those who haven’t, we hope to see you soon!).  We recently launched our website and would like to thank everyone for their kind words and feedback.  There are a few new things heading our way for the site, including cool videos, more pictures and brand new recipes.

Last week was lots of fun!  We had four days of Salsa and Salsa, a total of six ships!  We had everything from a ten year old girl, to a couple celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary (needless to say, they were oh so in love, it was adorable!).  Unfortunately, our camera broke last week, so we have been relying on guests to send us their photos.  This little video was sent to us recently and we just had to show you what happens when you begin the day with two shots of Tequila! 

Can’t help but to have fun!

We do love hearing from you all. We’ve made new acquaintances via the blog too!

Jessica at has a great blog, her dairy free recipes are a sure winner!

Nancy at shares all things Mazatlan and more.

Michael (or Yod, that’s what everyone calls him) at is a friend who moved to Mazatlan and shares his quirky tales of mischief.
* If you have a blog or website that you think our readers would be interested in, please send us an email with the link and a short blurb *

We totally love getting photos from you too!   Jeff and Patty had a Salsa Party at home, and were kind enough to send us their photos.

We now also offer SALSA IN A BOX, everything you need to make your very own Salsa and Salsa Party at home!  We have them in sets of 4, 8 and 12.  Check them out here!

Weather is starting to get hot hot hot in Mazatlan.  Time to start working on the tan and getting in shape again 😉

Looking forward to April,


(aka Dancing Chef)


Salsa and Salsa has officially launched their website!

It’s taken a lot of time and oh so much energy, but we are so excited to announce that our website is finally up and running!  We have everything from Recipe of the Month, Photo of the Month, videos, information about Mazatlan and of course, the Salsa Store.

Our Homepage will keep you coming back with Recipe of the Month, Photo of the Month and Testimonials, as well as our Aspirin Count on LELA the PIG (more on LELA later!).  Need stuff for your kitchen?!  We got it all, with Salsa Products that will have you Salsa Making in no time!

Want to show your friends how much fun you had on the tour?!  Send them a link to our Photo Gallery!  You’ve heard us say it before, but we simply LOVE LOVE LOVE getting your Salsa photos.  It reminds us everyday that we are bringing joy and laughter to thousands of people from across the globe!

Our Salsa Store has everything Salsa!  Ask us about ‘Salsa in a Box’, it has everything you could possibly need to host your very own Salsa Party at home.  From aprons to chef hats, we got you covered!  Need more recipes?  We have a variety of cookbooks that will have you Salsa making all year round.  Our best-seller ‘Salsa for all Seasons’ takes you through every season and utilizes all the fruits and vegetables that come into season every year.

Your Two Dancing Chefs even have a page!  We thought it would be fun to have a little info on us on the site…we get to know you all so well, it’s only fair you get to know us!

We look forward to hearing your feedback on the site.   Send us your comments, tell us what you thought, what stood out and don’t forget to share your testimonials (if you’ve been to the show).  We’d like to thank all our guests, past, present and future for all their support and encouragement…without you guys, this dream would never have become a reality 🙂

Keep your dreams alive,