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Routines are like Old Friends…

One of the things I like about life, and our Salsa show, is a solid routine. There is something comforting in a routine.  Knowing the pace, the time, the payoff.  Some people don’t like routines, they want something different everyday, something exciting and challenging.  But for me routines are like old friends, you can count on them.

I think what happens, like anything, we take our routines for granted.  What was once an exciting ride to the beach can become boring.  Some people don’t even see the ocean while driving along the shore.  Come on people, start living your lives, quit waiting for all the stars to line up, they wont!

First stop, Starbucks, hello to our friends, maybe a blueberry muffin, maybe a sandwich, today just the coffee.
Next stop the hotel.  This is where the routine comes alive.  Everything in its place, tequila shot glasses poured, fruit and vegetables cut and sliced and filled, and always a new face, a new waiter.  Do we have to train him again?

Ingredients are ready, the drinks are poured and in a few minutes 50-100 people will be waiting in line to join the show.
“Your aprons and chef hats are on your chairs, please put them on when you are seated!”

All routine, all organized – but wait, then something starts to happen…that annoying little thing, like wind or rain, all interrupt our wonderful routine.  The timing starts to change, I glance at my watch and realize we might have to move the entire show from outside to inside in 20 minutes. I call the dock to see if we can hold the passengers a few more minutes, then that gripping feeling ravishes my body when they say, “the buses just left!”

I notice rain falling over the ocean in the distance. I stop and look up at the clouds and waiting to see which way the rain is moving……then Holy Guacamole just like that its coming our way. Who would arrive first the passengers or the rain. No time to wonder, lets move inside fast! Wait ,  we are in Mexico nothing happens fast,Holy Guacamole again, lets just move!…………
I run to find help, anybody, everybody, I pass the hotel owners sitting comfortably having breakfast and with a shrill I ask them for all hands on deck.
The bellboys, the handymen, everybody starts to pick up round tables of 8 , entirely covered with dishes, food and drinks and table after table get moved over to a new enclosed area. Wooden bar chairs are flying out of the bar on one side and plastic table chairs are shuffled in through the other.

Everyone goes into first gear, Okay well, Pamela and I go into first gear, but since we are driving it is okay that everyone else rides alongside……… much to do, we have to be ready, lets go……….. lets go….
The sound system is dragged in and the final touches are added to each table.
Pamela and I look at each other and realize we have just done the impossible AGAIN!
Last week we took over the lobby of the hotel. It was completely out of routine, our sweet wonderful routine. Hotel guests looked bewildered stepping off the elevator into a lobby of 86 chefs complete with chef hats ,aprons and those fantastic margarita smiles ,all of them shouting “OLE!’.

I wondered what the new arriving hotel guests thought when the taxi pulled up and close to a hundred chefs were all dancing in the lobby. They probably thought is was some kind of swinging place, this hotel. “Nah couldn’t be the welcoming committee.”

Routines are great and anytime we fall out of routine we are tested.
Next time you feel like complaining about your routine, stop and think about how lucky you really are to have a reasonably safe life without to much change in your routines.
Remember routines are responsibilities cousin, and when we can live a responsible life people can count on us. And when people can count on us they can trust us, after all isn’t that what we all want anyway, for people to trust us and depend on us.
What makes my life so great is that from the moment everyone arrives,while I search through my opening dialogue, I kiss my sweet routine for being there with me. I can count on my routine most days. But when routines are lost I realize it a passing adventure I need to stand up to.
So next time your bored or feeling dumpy, think about all the things that are routine in your life. Each one a friend, with a subtle tap on your shoulder that  whispers ” hey lucky you” relax, everything is going according to routine.




Not everyone loves their jobs…

When we decided to write a blog for Salsa and Salsa, we sat down and story boarded ideas, concepts and themes.  We weren’t sure we wanted to keep a day to day log of every ship, people’s names and funny events/situations that occurred during shows.  We see a lot of people each week and keeping track of everyone seemed like a daunting task.  But what we have come to see, is that people, their stories and their personalities speak for themselves.

Salsa and Salsa Promo 1

Salsa and Salsa Video

For example, today we had Mariner of the Seas and the Sapphire Princess docked in port.  Both fun cruises, both with a good mix of ages and origins.  We had some Cowboy fans, as well as gals from Chicago (CHI-TOWN!), boys from Brisbane  and a couple from Alaska…to name a few.  Not to mention the family of 6, traveling together, enjoying each others company! (Tom the dad, Tyler and his partner, and Tony aka Cody and his respective other also).  We had another two couples from Brissy, who btw, did not know the boys from Brisbane! (lol).

It’s amazing to think so many nationalities, let alone ages, and walks of life, can come together and share such fun times in such a small amount of time!  Leonique and I get so fired up every morning, with the excitement of seeing those first passengers arrive through the doors…we always love the fact that they have no idea how much fun they are about to embark on, and we feel honored to be able to provide you guys with awesome memories, great photos, fantastic recipes and unforgettable moments!  Not everyone loves their jobs as much as we do…we love getting up in the morning, picking up our morning coffee from Starbucks and heading over to the Hotel Las Flores to help set up for the tour.  How many people can say their job is located in a 4 star hotel, with beach views, sunny weather, where you get to cook, dance, laugh and sometimes (if you’re lucky) sing!  We are truly blessed, and best of all, your TWO DANCING CHEFS are best friends, so we joke around A LOT and make fun of each other at any given opportunity!  A real recipe for greatness is working and surrounding yourself with people that make you feel special, and we were both lucky enough to find each other.  🙂

I’ve been playing around with the Salsa Camera the last few weeks, with the intention of putting together a fun You Tube video to share with you all.  It’ll be made up of snippets of clips from the show.  I plan to start on it as soon as I finish this entry, so fingers crossed I don’t get angry at my Windows Movie Maker (what is it with that thing?!  How has Microsoft NOT come up with a solution to fix the annoying bug that program has?!)  In the process of getting all the IT stuff for Salsa and Salsa up and running, we started our own Salsa Channel on You Tube <CLICK HERE to subscribe> !  or simply click on the photo above to see the Salsa video.

As I mentioned in our first post, we will be sharing video, recipes and more, but we would like to hear from you…Have you been to our tour?  What did you think of it?  Got any cool pics you would like to share?  What recipe would you just kill for?!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Pamela Hormazabal

(Dancing Chef)