Salsa making has never been so much fun!

Cozumel My Cozumel!!!

I have been in Cozumel for over a month and I have fallen in love with the island and the people. I cannot say enough about the wonderful people who live and work here. I am so happy to be a part of Salas and Salsa Cozumel as a Dancing Chef. I take the local transportation to work and walk home. I walk down a different street everyday to try and see as much as possible. Everyday I find new places to go and local restaurants.

I have a friend in town for the Christmas holidays, and since she has transportation we took a Sunday drive. Sundays is a family day, we passed a church as the alter boys and priests were entering the the church and a street vendor out front selling his
products. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset.
Life is good, and especially in Cozumel. Come to see us on your next cruise. We have so much fun at Salsa and Salsa!!!




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