Salsa making has never been so much fun!

Dancing Chefs conquer the streets of Mazatlan!!!

Together with Pacifico Beer, Ceviche and Carnival, nothing is so typically Mazatlecan as the Pulmonia. This is an open taxi,  the Mexican version of a riksha with a Volkswagen engine. These taxis started driving Mazatlan’s streets back in 1965. They are not known anywhere else in Mexico.  The literal translation of ‘pulmonia’ is neumonia.  People thought they would get a neumonia driving this taxi!!!

Recently the Dancing Chefs have taken 5 Pulmonias and decorated them with the new Salsa and Salsa ad. We’re so proud!!!! When you’re in town, try to look for them!



Happy Holidays!!!!

Dancing Chef Maaike


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