Salsa making has never been so much fun!

Lupus Research Institute

Receipt of amount raised by Lela This last November was a very special month for all of us, talking about the charity we chose for this past month. Lupus Research Institute is an organization looking for the cure for LUPUS. There are many different kinds of Lupus and for all of you who are reading about this disease for the first time, I’ll give you some interesting facts about it:

*Lupus it is often referred to as a disease of a thousand faces. (Because doctors tend to misdiagnose it, ’cause a lot of the symptomps are similar to other diseases).

*The official logo for Lupus is a butterfly, because one of the most common symptoms is to get skin irritation on your face in the shape of a butterfly.

*9 out of 10 people that suffer from Lupus are women, usually is really rare in men, but when men have it is usually more agressive.

*Lupus usually runs  in the family. People don’t tend to relate it to their family members, because this disease was and is often confused with many other diseases, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Reumatoid Arthritis and even Skin Cancer.

The reason why I know these facts is because as we’ve been saying it all month long, my oldest sister Ciara has been suffering from it for almost 12 years. It took over 2 years to find out it was, after all, Lupus. Back in that time I was too young to even understand what she was going trough, but as many girls that have Lupus, with the proper treatment, she lives a normal life, enjoys working as a graphic designer and she is an inspiration for me to live life to the fullest. I’d like to say I proposed november’s charity to be Lupus because I wanted to honor her, but I think I’m the honored one by having such a strong sister.

So from the bottom of my heart Thanks to all the Dancing Chefs that supported LELA to raise this money for the Lupus Research Institute!!!! and keep in touch to find out how much we get for the next cause!!!!



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