Salsa making has never been so much fun!

Things that make you go…AWESOME!

A friend of mine recently posted on her Facebook status a link to someone else’s blog.  I don’t often have the time to click leisurely, but the title caught my eye.  ‘1000 Awesome Things’…  so I sat there and checked one million other status reports from other friends, and then I went back to it…hmmmm, 1000 Awesome things…  so I clicked it.

Apart from the title of the blog giving it away, the blog is about, funny enough, 1000 awesome things!  I read only 10 things and laughed, nodded, turned to my partner and discussed, smiled and even at one point yelled out “TOTALLY!”

Although I’m late to jump on this fast growing blog, it only recently got published as a book in April of 2010.  I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to remember what it’s like to laugh, cry, dream and explore.  The blog started back in June 2008 and it’s creator  Neil Pasricha has a smooth and easy to read style that makes you want to read all 1000 things.  The blog’s edge is the countdown from 1000 to 1.  It is currently at #495, so if you’d like to follow it along, simply click on the link provided below or on the right panel in our Blogroll.

I’m dying to get my hands on the book – a lot of people that know me well would be surprised at hearing me say that…  Pamela? Read? Really?!  I’m not a reader, I admit it.  I rarely want to read and have rarely picked up a book and read it from start to finish in my life. I’m more a magazine person.  Test me on Vogue, Harpers, Vanity or National Geographic. I’ve read them all.

But don’t get me wrong. I have read some books – when I was younger and had more time on my hands, I was all about reading…

First came my Anne Rice addiction :

Interview with the Vampire (1976)
The Vampire Lestat (1985)
The Queen of the Damned (1988)
The Tale of the Body Thief (1992)

Memnoch the Devil (1995)
The Vampire Armand (1998)

The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay changed my life.  Then the movie was so great that I decided I wanted to travel the world and see different worlds for myself.

The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen Donaldson was another book that made me explore the world of fantasy fiction.  Now THAT book I could not put down and funny story, never got to finish because I left it behind when I moved from one home to another…I hear there are more books in the series now, so maybe it’s time I get reading again.

John Grisham’s The Pelican Brief also had me staying up late at night, my dad yelling out “Go to bed!”…that book made me want to be get into the legal world.

What books changed your life?  What books are STILL changing your life?  What are you reading now?  I love knowing what people are reading.  Even though I’m not currently reading anything, I love hearing people tell me what they are reading.  Their interp of someone else’s vision, story or life – it fascinates me!

Well, back to the 1000 awesome things, I would like to hear what you guys find awesome.  I find the laughter of a baby awesome, call it my getting clucky (oh oh, boyfriend watch out…) but nothing beats the purity of a babies laughter.

Alrighty folks, I really enjoy reading your comments and emails, as well as your Facebook messages and Testimonials on our site.  So keep them coming.  We have some pretty big news coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Over and out



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