Salsa making has never been so much fun!

You’re our heroes!

Ever wonder where so many people come from, what they do, what they think? I don’t either!

But I do think about how to make them smile. Maybe just a little laugh a minuscule jolt of joy. Making people feel good about themselves. We don’t know where all the 93 people are coming from this morning for our Salsa tour, but what we do know is how to show them a good time.

For the few hours we all get together we laugh and dance and cook and share songs, well sometimes we  could do without the sharing songs part but above all our time together is about connecting.

We like to bring attention to someone who may very likely be swept up in a world spinning at such a pace where most people are forgotten, neglected. Where we are left standing miraculously, clutching our computers with hurricane force winds surrounding our everyday duties and lives.

Vacations are about spending time with loved ones, meeting new loved ones and or forgetting about old loves!

Just like that our lives begin to bloom again.

Breath, your taking time out for yourself! what a concept! remember that person you grew up with, that survivor you became after the divorce, that illness,that hero you were helping strangers. Your the sister or brother, Mom or Dad to your crazy siblings and even crazier in-laws. Need I say more?

These 93 people sitting in front of us,with their chef hats on, wearing aprons ready for action are our heroes!
Travelers passing through teaching us, sharing with us and raising glasses, in the pursuit of happiness…

Salud! Dinero and mucho mucho Amor!



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